Jon Hardister

On North Carolina's

Important Issues

Economic Development

Where Jon Stands  The General Assembly must enact policies that will promote job creation and strengthen our economy. To do this, we must keep taxes low and prevent government over-regulation. Jon will work to create job opportunities for all of North Carolina.

Jon will ensure that our tax rates remain comparative with other states. He will continue to update and streamline regulations that will boost our economy and increase job training in high schools, community colleges and universities.

Jon’s Economic Accomplishments

  • Reformed and simplified North Carolina’s tax code
  • Reduced regulations on the private sector
  • Promoted job-specific education in colleges and universities
  • Enhanced our workforce by supporting K-12 public education
  • Worked to strengthen our transportation system to facilitate commerce

Government Efficiency

Where Jon Stands It is important for our government to operate efficiently and for programs to be cost-effective. This includes being responsible with tax dollars, balancing the budget and keeping our debt low. We must invest wisely in the core services of government.

Jon will continue to focus on balancing the budget and allocating tax dollars responsibly. He will make sure our state has a healthy savings account in case of emergencies, keep our debt low and maintain a strong credit rating.

Jon’s Efficiency Accomplishments

  • Kept spending levels below the combined growth rate of inflation and population
  • Invested in the core services of government while balancing our budget responsibly
  • Placed over $4 billion in our State Savings for emergency purposes
  • Maintained a AAA credit rating to protect our state finances
  • Reduced excessive regulations to encourage private sector growth

Public Education

Where Jon Stands We need a strong education system in order to create a workforce that is ready for success. Education must be supported at all levels and operated efficiently. Not only do we have a moral obligation to educate our children, it is necessary to ensure that North Carolina has a workforce that is ready to compete on a global scale.

Jon will establish rigorous education standards but refrain from over-testing students. He will empower teachers with more freedom in the classroom and utilize advances in technology to promote learning. Jon will also partner with businesses to promote job specific-education.

Jon’s Education Accomplishments

  • Increased public education funding by over $3 billion, voting to increase funding each year he has been in office
  • Increased teacher pay several years in a row, enhancing our national ranking for teacher compensation
  • Voted to reduce testing and to streamline assessments for education
  • Worked to create public-private apprenticeship programs for job-specific education
  • Kept UNC System / Community College tuition rates affordable and accessible
  • Promoted school choice for parents while also supporting our traditional school system


Where Jon Stands We must promote more access to health care and work to lower costs. Government must provide a safety net while promoting a marketplace that provides quality, affordable options for our citizens.

Jon has worked to enhance funding for mental health treatment and to address the opioid epidemic. He will continue working to expand access to health care through a robust marketplace and an efficient delivery of Medicaid services.

Jon’s Healthcare Accomplishments

  • Transformed Medicaid into a more efficient and cost-effective “Managed Care” model
  • Established Association Health Plans to increase access to coverage
  • Worked to promote scope of practice for health care professionals
  • Advocated for block grants for mental health / substance abuse recovery centers
  • Enacted the STOP ACT to reduce opioid addiction


Where Jon Stands We must have a solid transportation system to facilitate commerce and increase quality of life. Businesses often consider the quality of our roads and bridges before they choose a location. We must also make sure our roads are well-kept and safe for travel.

Jon will continue to ensure our fuel tax revenue is allocated to transportation projects. He will work with the NC DOT to make sure our roadway projects are safe, sufficient and sustainable.

Jon’s Transportation Accomplishments

  • Required transportation funds to actually be spent on transportation projects
  • Mandated transportation projects be driven by data, not politics
  • Modernized DMV operations and allowed licenses to be renewed online
  • Provided the NC DOT with funds to maintain infrastructure projects and increased financial oversight from the state legislature

Public Safety

Where Jon Stands It is important for us to keep communities safe across North Carolina. We must support law enforcement, protect victims of crime and provide a justice system that operates efficiently.

Jon believes it is important to continue working to make our communities as safe as possible. This is one of the most critical responsibilities of our government.

Jon’s Public Safety Accomplishments

  • Increased pay for law enforcement and other public safety officials
  • Allocated millions of dollars to support crime labs and forensic testing
  • Provided tens of millions of dollars for school safety initiatives
  • Extended additional rights to individuals who are victims of crime
  • Supported the 2nd Chance Act to reduce recidivism rates for juvenile offenders
  • Allocated funding to modernize our court system, including new computer systems and software


Where Jon Stands We have a moral responsibility to protect our environment for current and future generations. There are things that we can and should do to keep our water safe to drink, keep our air clean and enhance the integrity of our natural resources.

Jon believes it is possible to strike a balance between protecting our environment and preventing over-regulation of the private sector. He supports a “Real Green Deal” for our citizens.

Jon’s Environmental Accomplishments

  • Worked on legislation to keep toxins out of our water resources
  • Supported the preservation and expansion of State Parks and natural resources
  • Advocated for fuel-efficient state vehicles and recycling in state facilities
  • Advocated for EV charging stations on state property
  • Supports private sector technology advancements and innovative methods to make energy development more clean and sustainable